Following the Blog, Chef EdieM

Chef EdieM was born in Jersey City; to a Latino mixed parents (Puerto Rican and Spain). Moving to Hoboken in New Jersey as a child Chef EdieM was briefly taught everyday Latino old school style cooking by her step-mother, Felicia. The experience was short lived as Chef EdieM parents again became separated than later divorced.

“I remembered as a young child watching over my mother and sisters in our Hoboken kitchen nearly every night, that’s when I realized over time I had the urge to express my own thoughts about food by changing our family recipes and recreating them by infusing them with a more modern Latin and Asian twist! Yes, my love of food began to develop. Throughout my life my passion and love for food was too strong to relegate to a hobby”.

For many years, Chef EdieM has expressed her passion for her clients, family and friends. Chef EdieM strongly believes the heart of the home is in the kitchen where everyone always seems to gather and enjoy life, sharing memories and creating new ones!

The mother of one son and a single parent herself Chef EdieM has worked in many arenas in the food industry for twenty-five years’.

Chef EdieM has returned to Hudson County, New Jersey where she currently resides. Writing and sharing recipes is Chef EdieM passion. Joint Chef EdieM on a special journey on her blog, follow her struggles, her fears, the joy, life chaotic moments, her leadership, her mission that matters more; and the special gift of life, her true love! Chef EdieM hopes to continue to have the opportunity to express her food creativity with everyone out there in their kitchen and to share her life experiences along with her style of food with this “A POWERFUL BLOG”.

Chef EdieM


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