How to Help the Homeless This Holiday Season

Give back to your community this holiday season by taking the time to help people in need Contact local homeless shelters, food banks and soup kitchens to find out what they need most.  Helpful tips and using caution.

  • Help a homeless family transition from a shelter to their own apartment by giving them pots and pans and other everyday necessities that they’ll need to get started.
  • Hire a homeless person to help you with chores around your house. Ask a shelter to recommend someone who is willing to work for pay.
  • Volunteer your time to read or play with children living at a shelter.

Important Steps:

  • Provide warm coats, blankets and clothes for people in need.
  • Purchase gifts made by residents in a shelter so they’ll receive the proceeds.
  • Help wrap gifts that have been donated to the shelter so residents can have the fun of unwrapping a holiday surprise.
  • Buy canned goods and other nonperishable items and deliver them to a soup kitchen or food bank.
  • Teach a homeless person new skills to help him or her get a job.
  • Purchase nonprescription medicines such as allergy and cold pills, adhesive bandages and aspirin for residents.
  • Donate paper goods such as toilet paper and paper towels to the shelter.
  • Help shelter residents get into the holiday spirit by providing a Christmas tree, menorah and other decorations to liven up the place.
  • Bring cookies and punch to a shelter for an impromptu holiday party.
  • Hand out food vouchers to people on the street so they can get something to eat.
  • Order an extra meal to go when you eat out, or bring your leftovers home, and offer the food to someone hungry who is living on the street.

Deadlines are Approaching.  

Thank you and warm wishes to everyone,

Chef EdieM