Positive Start

God knows’ that I try every day to get a positive start by accomplishing couple of important tasks which I might have been putting off for sometime. But as usual, things just don’t turn out that way for me. For instant last night I had set my alarm for 5:00am so I can have enough of time to write a small passage for my blog. The alarm went off as planned, however my bed sheets were so ‘comfy’ which kept me in bed another forty-five minutes.
One of the problems when I keep postponing tasks that need to be done is that I get the ‘guilt’ feeling that I am shirking my responsibilities. This guilt brings in stress and fills me with negative feelings.
Needless to say to bring in positive energy into my day, I do a task that I’ve been putting off for quite some time as first task in the morning (that is my motto).

Think of things that make you feel positive. Add at least one such task to your daily routine. I am sure when you start a day in this manner you are likely to accomplish more in that day.

and by the way….
A Happy life consists of many happy days. So make each day count in your life. Stop dedicating your time on individuals that drain you. Wasting your time, thoughts and energy on people that don’t matter is just a huge negative in your life. Make room for the ones that DO matter!! Or to put it in a nutshell… people that will NOT cause problems in your life!! Sometimes, you have to do major “spring cleaning” not just in your home but in your personal life and clear out those people that are NOT pushing you forward in your life. Or that do NOT create a positive light in your journey!


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